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Debbie Love - Owner of Heads Up Self Defense

Self-Defense from a Woman’s Point of View

Presented by Debbie Love, Instructor and Owner of Heads Up Self Defense for Women –

Offering Self-Defense Advice & Tips

Debbie Love did not set out to become an instructor or a martial artist for that matter, come to be a 4th Degree Black Belt and Certified Karate Instructor… who can stop a larger opponent with relative ease, out of sheer interest. It was out of necessity; she was compelled to learn everything she could about the subject. Because of a personal family tragedy that had a profound effect and would eventually change the course of her life. Once she started learning there was no looking back.

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Julie Kangas

Julie Kangas

September Member Spotlight – Julie Kangas

Every month ABWA spotlights a member and their business. This allows others to get to know their local ABWA members.

This month we are excited to get to know Julie Kangas who not only can make you look beautiful, but also help you find your new dream home.

Name: Julie Kangas
Phone: 760.489.5545

Why did you join ABWA?

I joined ABWA because I enjoy meeting and interacting with women in many different types of business. As a dentist, I meet many colleagues in the same line of work, but I am fascinated with the variety of professional women I meet through ABWA. I learn a lot about business and have made many wonderful lifelong friends.

Tell us about your business.

I own a group dental practice, Citracado Dental Group, which my husband, Dr. Randy Jungman, and I started in 1980. We wanted to have the freedom to practice according to our values and philosophy, and that is still what we do, over 35 years later. We are now working with our two dentist sons, as well as other specialists and general dentists. We provide all types of dental care in our group practice, and enjoy our variety of services, as well as the wonderful relationships we have developed over the years.

Where do your clients come from?

Our clients come from several sources; direct referrals from our clients, online reviews, and our staff, who recommend us to their family and friends. Many people come for a second opinion if they are not sure about recommended treatment, and we are happy to provide free consultations on any dental questions.

How can ABWA members help you grow your business?

ABWA members give us a wonderful compliment if they recommend us to their colleagues and friends. We treat each person as a member of our own family, and our team members are known for their skill and compassion. Our office is a warm and friendly environment designed to quickly put our guests at ease.

Tell us a secret or something about yourself people would be surprised to learn about you.

I have a dream to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune and have previously advanced to the in-person tryout stage. Until I make it to the live program, I am an avid Scrabble and Words with Friends player.