Stacey Moffat

Stacey Moffat

April Member Spotlight – Stacey Moffat

Every month ABWA spotlights a member and their business. This allows others to get to know their local ABWA members.

This month we are excited to get to know Stacey Moffat who not only can make you look beautiful, but also help you find your new dream home.

Name: Stacey Moffat
Phone: 858.204.2677

Why did you join ABWA?

I had just left a successful mortgage career to raise my kids and needed something stimulating. I started a Mary Kay business for some adult interaction and a way to make money from home. A woman that I knew was also in direct sales and had been looking for a networking group. She asked me if I wanted to check out ABWA with her, so we went to a meeting together. I loved the women that I met, the professionalism of the meeting and how much fun everyone was having. I was new to San Diego and needed both clients and friends. This seemed like an amazing place to start!

Tell us about your business.

I work in several aspects of Real Estate. Besides being a Realtor®, I also assist several successful agents with their files as a Transaction Coordinator. Although I’ve been in this industry for close to 20 years, I’m a new agent so this helps me learn the contract and disclosures. I also do the marketing for a team of nine agents. I do everything from print / mail advertising to web & social media.

Where do your clients come from?

In Real Estate we call it a “sphere of influence.” It’s basically people who like, know and trust me. My sphere has grown over the years from the volunteer work I did at my children’s’ schools, social clubs I’ve belonged to, my Mary Kay business, ABWA, church and my neighborhood.

How can ABWA members help you grow your business?

Allow me an interview if you’re considering buying or selling a home. Give my name & number to friends who are looking to do the same. No one will work harder on your transaction, and besides my own experience, my team of agents/mentors has over 100 years of combined experience in North County.

Tell us a secret or something about yourself people would be surprised to learn about you.

I danced on American Bandstand for three years in the 80’s and was a nationally ranked beach volleyball player in the early 90’s.