Drive New Business with Social Media

Join us March 2, 2017

Drive New Business with Social Media

This is a special training event for the members of the American Women Business Owners, Soaring Eagles Chapter. Guests are welcomed.

Presenter:  Online marketing expert, Mark Mikelat

What you’ll learn: You know you should be on social media for your business. You know it can help you drive more new and repeat business for your organization. But, do you know why? Do you know which social media platform will have the biggest bang for your buck? And when you start your profile, do you know what to say and how to grow your following? This session will answer all of those questions and more! Continue reading


February Meeting

The American Business Women’s Association, Soaring Eagles Chapter

Stop the Madness and Get Clients Easily
How to be your authentic self and still deliver a compelling message

Are you missing out on a TON of business because you’re not speaking in a way in which your ideal prospects can really hear your message?  When you use a canned script do you feel yucky and inauthentic?  Do you have a tough time communicating to others what your product or service can do for them? Continue reading


January Meeting

The American Business Women’s Association, Soaring Eagles Chapter

Invites You to Welcome in 2017, 3 Keys to Turning Your Wishes into Reality on January 5th, 2017

Guest Speaker: Leisa Reid

In 2017 you can either have the dreams you want or the excuses for why you do not have them….but you can’t have both.  In this presentation you will find the 3 keys to make your wishes a reality and create your Extraordinary Life!

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September Networking

Join us September 1st for dinner, networking and our guest speaker

Follow Up Sales Strategies with Wanda Allen

If follow up is a hard heavy “to do” then the Follow Up Sales Strategies Presentation is for you. You’ll learn that follow up is merely a matter of having effective habits and good systems in place. If you struggle getting your follow up work done, it’s not because you don’t have time, you’re not organized or you’re not good at sales…it’s because you haven’t learned the right skill set. Understanding this will help put you in the flow of ease of getting this all important work done on a daily basis.

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