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Mishele Vieira

August Networking

Making Room for What Matters Most

presented by: Guest Speaker Mishele Viera, CPO

As professional’s we all wear so many hats and are responsible for making so much happen.

As women we are the first to do things for our clients, family and friends, sometimes at the expense of our own priorities, responsibilities and even well being. What happens when your “To Do” list constantly has more items than there are hours in a day? Come be reminded about ways to efficiently and effectively take care of our own stuff so we can best take care of everything and everyone else. Continue reading


November Networking

Red Fire Branding: How Women Can Create a Hot Personal Brand so That Customers and Clients Choose YOU!

Speaker: Liz Goodgold
November Guest Special: $15

Many women believe that branding is only for big consumer product companies with even bigger budgets. But, the truth is that sizzling branding principles applied to the brand called YOU can lead to ex-potential growth.

In this entertaining talk crafted especially for women, Liz addresses relevant issues that bring in the businesses including:
o The difference between branding and boasting
o Words and phrases that attract clients and which ones repel them
o How your visual brand plays a key role in attracting prospects Continue reading


September Networking

Go for the Gold

Learn how to dramatically increase your revenues by avoiding the 5 biggest mistakes 72% of sales professionals and business owners make when discussing money. Money is the last taboo! It just not considered polite to ask for money. That is why the words How much do you charge stops the BIG deal in its tracks. For some, it triggers a paralyzing fear. They stumble over saying their fee, often discounting before they even begin. Others don’t know how or when to talk about money.

This is for business owner groups and associations of commissioned sales professionals who are highly motivated to grow their personal and business revenues. Typically these are ambitious, creative, and intelligent professionals living their lives in integrity with themselves and others. Sales professionals learn how to turn these four dreaded words can’t afford it into can’t do without it. Continue reading


August Networking

Inspire and Be Inspired in ABWA

Bryna Dambrowski, CTE, is a Senior Globabl Sales Account Representative with Delta Airlines. She is also the current ABWA  District VI V.P. and a 2011 AVWA Top Ten Business Woman of the Year. Her mantra is that ABWA empowers women in a positive way like no other organization of its kind! ABWA provides networking, business relevant programming and friendships that last a lifetime. Bryna believes strongly in the ABWA mission that provides personal and professional growth and educational opportunities for women in all stages of their lives. Continue reading


ABWA Soaring Eagles July Meeting

Power Up Your Personality IQ

We are pleased to have Deanna Potter, Business and Profit Planning Coach here to teach us how to discover our client’s personality style and show us strategies to gain “buy in” and close the deal every time!

This interactive session is for you IF:
-You are SICK of not seeing “eye to eye” with others in a transaction and wonder what to do different
-You are STRUGGLING to find the right words and the right ways to gain agreement from others and keep the deal moving forward
-You are NOT getting everything you can out of the relationships you have on your transaction and affiliate teams
-You have a good business, BUT want to improve your people skills for better results Continue reading