January Networking

How To Market Your Business With Pinterest In Less Than 10 Minutes A Week WITH BECKY SANGHA

During the course you will discover:
+ The 3 Step Formula for Pinterest Success
+ How to Get 100+ Targeted Followers Each Week
+ 3 Ways to Make Money With Pinterest
+ The Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make & How To Avoid Them… plus the one that could get you banned

Pinterest is too big to be ignored – it’s now driving more traffic to business websites than Google+, LinkedIn & YouTube Combined! In fact it is the 4th largest traffic driver worldwide.

Knowing how to market your business on Pinterest the RIGHT way can help you easily get more clients online by doubling your traffic to your websites and sales pages, and helping you build your email list (a.k.a. leads) resulting in more sales.

You can watch a webinar recording of this presentation (modified specifically for my co-hosts solopreneur audience) here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucWV4dYlxwM&feature=share&list=UUHLS9f7Rx21a32i5NO0NFJA

Becky Sangha is a Film/Video Producer, Online Marketing Strategist, Speaker and Author, also known as “The Online Video Marketer.”

She has spent the past 15 years working with businesses (as large as fortune 500 companies and as small as solopreneurs), universities and nonprofits to produce videos that help them to attract and inspire their ideal customers, investors or funders.

As more and more video is being put online, Becky has developed successful strategies for online marketing that she shares with her clients and during the many speaking events, webinars and workshops she provides throughout the year, as well as on her blog, YouTube channel and social media sites.

Becky is also the creator of the Business Marketing With Pinterest Total Training program, a social media & technology geek,  and mother of 3!

You can find her on the internet at:

As well as: