Mishele Vieira

August Networking

Making Room for What Matters Most

presented by: Guest Speaker Mishele Viera, CPO

As professional’s we all wear so many hats and are responsible for making so much happen.

As women we are the first to do things for our clients, family and friends, sometimes at the expense of our own priorities, responsibilities and even well being. What happens when your “To Do” list constantly has more items than there are hours in a day? Come be reminded about ways to efficiently and effectively take care of our own stuff so we can best take care of everything and everyone else.

In this interactive presentation you will learn:

  • When is the best time to get things done
  • Strategies to manage the time drainers
  • Why it is important to set boundaries – with your clients and yourself
  • How to recognize when it’s too much and the art of asking for help
  • Tips to avoid burnout

Mishele Vieira, Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®) has been organizing individuals, families, and companies since 1983 improving their systems, surroundings and profitability. Mishele’s background includes sales, marketing, and operations management in the media and technology industries. The skills and accomplishments from her corporate background were used to launch her professional organizing company, Away With Chaos, in 2002 with the goal of empowering individuals and companies through designing functional spaces and systems with less chaos. Mishele helps clients reduce and release the “stuff” that often overwhelms them. Her Goal: To help clients make room for what matters most in their Home Work and Life.

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