September Networking

Go for the Gold

Learn how to dramatically increase your revenues by avoiding the 5 biggest mistakes 72% of sales professionals and business owners make when discussing money. Money is the last taboo! It just not considered polite to ask for money. That is why the words How much do you charge stops the BIG deal in its tracks. For some, it triggers a paralyzing fear. They stumble over saying their fee, often discounting before they even begin. Others don’t know how or when to talk about money.

This is for business owner groups and associations of commissioned sales professionals who are highly motivated to grow their personal and business revenues. Typically these are ambitious, creative, and intelligent professionals living their lives in integrity with themselves and others. Sales professionals learn how to turn these four dreaded words can’t afford it into can’t do without it.

Topics Include:

  • Having clear and confident money discussions
  • When to begin discussing your price/fee
  • Developing powerful asking techniques
  • Identifying the hidden objection
  • Eliminate discounting and/or shaving commission
  • Managing trigger points like can’t afford that.

Marilyn August is the money-attracting expert. She is an author and advisor on the topic of attracting high-paying clients and growing your business revenues with integrity. Along with her book Wealthy U: Seven Sacred Wealth & Wisdom Lessons, her sales and marketing tools have been used for 20 years to dramatically increase her client’s revenues. She provides a holistic plan to grow your business revenues. Her motto: You can’t grow your business without growing yourself. She helps service business owners translate their technical expertise into sustainable growth revenues by attracting clients like an electromagnet. She is the founder of Wealth & Wisdom Seminars and her goal is to transform how service professionals in America think about money, one mind at a time.

Where: Old Spaghetti Factory
111 N. Twin Oaks Valley Rd.
San Marcos, CA 92069
Ph: 760-471-0155

When: Thurs, September 5, 2013

Time: 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Sue Puffet 760-822-2242
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