Development Consultant and Coach Beth Levin

Career Wellness ~ the often overlooked critical link to Success

March 1, Don’t Miss This!

Join seasoned Development Consultant and Coach Beth Levin as she shares her model for Career Wellness. Career wellness is no longer a luxury! Most people know, competition is snipping at your heels, ready to take your job or clients.

Maximizing your own wellbeing and navigating the continual track of accelerated change and uncertainty are challenges for even the smartest business women. Learn the 5 critical factors that relate to working at your best potential. How to evaluate your own career wellness and identify threats and drivers to your success.

Beth has assisted thousands of adults in reaching their personal and professional goals. She is a sought after trainer on a variety of topics and is the Career Advisor’s Coach. Currently she works with Kaiser Permanente employees and has worked with a variety of clients and small business.

March 1 Flyer (PDF)

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