July Speed Networking

Let’s kick off the 4th of July weekend with our Speed Networking Event. Back by popular demand, not as much pressure as speed dating and a lot more fun.
Even better we are offering special pricing for this dinner – $15 for members AND guests. This will be a fun, casual evening designed to help our members learn more about each other and to introduce guests to our group. Feel free to bring business cards and any handouts, brochure, etc. you would like to share with the attendees.

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debbie lousberg

June Networking

“Everyone Wants to Hear You”

We take it for granted. It’s something we do every day without much effort or thought. We depend on it in meetings, interviews, and building relationships, yet we forget its importance. However, once given attention and improvement, it can lead you to success in all areas of your life. Any guesses as to the subject of our next meeting??


Are you an effective communicator in today’s complicated world?

Debbie Lousberg will present her topic “Everyone Wants to Hear You. “

Be prepared to walk away with a better awareness of:

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Chris Williams

May Networking

Is your Net still working?  Join us Thursday, May 7th

How to Generate More Leads through Networking and LinkedIn.

Networking has changed in the 21st Century.  We need to know what still works and how we can adapt what has changed to our business plan.

-Where does social media fit in?
-Is LinkedIn just a job search site?
-Should I belong to a referral network?
-How do I build meaningful professional relationships without pressure or forced referrals?

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social security administration

April Networking

Women and Social Security.  What we NEED to know.

-Have you ever wondered how we determine how much Social Security you will receive when you retire?
-Should you retire at age 62 or wait until full retirement age?  What about waiting until age 70?
-Will you be able to collect benefits on your husband’s (or ex-husband’s) Social Security record?
-When and how do I go about filing for Retirement benefits?

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Mary Cravets

March Networking

If you’re looking for a speaker who creates an experience people can’t stop talking about, look no further.

With more than a decade of entrepreneurial experience to her credit, Mary Cravets is a sought-after presenter who makes everyone in the room feel like she is speaking directly to them with her engaging, down-to-earth style. She delivers compelling, practical topics in a way that gives participants simple, actionable ideas, plus the clarity and motivation to put them into practice right away.

Mary is a Business Coach and Speaker who works with highly driven entrepreneurs who are tired of working all the time, and who want their business to run like a well oiled machine and get paid what they’re worth. Mary’s entrepreneurial journey includes successful careers in Real Estate, Direct Sales, business-to-business Networking Events and now Business Coaching.

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