The New Face of Leadership

Join us January 3 for Dinner, Networking and Our Guest Speaker:

Kirsten Asher,
The New Face of Leadership

Kirsten Asher is a former stunt woman and founder of FEMethod combining movement and leadership. With her time in Los Angeles she worked on production teams for companies like NBC, CBS and ABC which helped her understand the opportunities for leadership to evolve. Kirsten knows what it takes to find harmony between your masculine and feminine qualities as women business leaders and how removing the “Man Mask” can improve your leadership, your company culture and your personal life.  Continue reading


Succeed With Visual Marketing

Thursday, August 2nd, The Soaring Eagles Invite Members and Guests to a seminar:

Succeed With Visual Marketing, Presented by David Zumaya, Founder of My San Diego North County & Visual Marketing Advocate

If you are a business professional or business owner, can online marketing make a difference for you? David will present strategies on how to incorporate visual marketing with your social media and website to have business success!

Continue reading